Owner Reviews On Keeping Chinchillas At Home


Today it is almost impossible to meet chinchilla in the natural environment. Because of the beautiful and valuable fur, the rodent was almost completely exterminated.

Now they live in fur farms or in the neighborhood with pet lovers. In order for this cohabitation to proceed without problems, it is important to understand the pet and be able to care for it.

Animal character

Chinchillas begin to show the character immediately after birth. Watching their behavior, you understand how different they are: active, calm, persistent, indecisive. Of course, You can tame an animal, but you need to consider its temperament.

Treating your pet with respect, in return you will get a good friend. Chinchilla does not like rudeness and violence towards himself. If the animal does not want to play with the owner, then it is impossible to force him to this. Improper behavior on the part of a person leads to the fact that the animal does not want to communicate with him or even bites.

Chinchillas are very touchy. For example, you left home, leaving your pet alone for several days. Upon returning, you can not expect that the fluffy will run towards, joyfully wagging its tail. The kid was offended so that he would not even take goodies from his hands. To regain the trust of the animal you need to talk to him kindly.

Pretty tricky and smart chinchillas are quickly trained. To teach a pet to walk on a tray, simply remove the litter and put a toilet with wooden sawdust in the corner.

Chinchillas are able to manipulate people. They know how to behave so that the owner will treat their favorite treat. Some just pretend that they are sad, sit in a corner and look with a compassionate look. And someone, on the contrary, shows a desire to communicate.

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Good and evil chinchillas are not capable of causing harm to humans. The beast can only bite in extreme cases. When, in his opinion, the actions of the owner are threatened.

When buying a chinchilla, ask the breeder about the nature of the beast. This information will help you quickly find a common language with your pet.

Basic care requirements


The basis of nutrition in the natural environment of chinchillas is dry grass and tree bark. At home, these are:

Special food, which should be 80% of the total diet;

  • Cereals;
  • Hay;
  • Goodies about 10%.
  • The animal can only drink bottled or boiled water. Fresh vegetables, fruits, chinchilla berries are contraindicated, everything must be dried. Do not give the animal too much sweet. A weak liver is not suitable for processing large amounts of sugar.

    Fur care

    Chinchillas are distinguished by beautiful thick fur. To maintain the animal’s fur coat in good condition, you need to take care of it. Rodents often wash, smooth the hair on their own. Sometimes they need the help of a person.

    Chinchillas take sand baths weekly. For this procedure, you need to purchase special sand or volcanic dust. The mixture is poured into a rodent bathe. The whole animal takes 30 minutes to complete the procedure.

    Leaving sand in the cage for a long time is not worth it, as the pet will settle on it to sleep. A long stay in a bathing suit can dry out the skin.

    Water treatments are contraindicated in chinchillas. Their fur dries for a long time, which causes a cold. And if water gets into the ear canals, then otitis media is inevitable. If it is very dirty, wipe the skin of the pet with a damp towel, and then comb it with a frequent comb.

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    General cleaning in the cage is done once in 4 days. It does not take much time. To work, you will need:

    • Scoop;
    • Brush;
    • Wood filler without flavoring, especially for rodents.

    Do not replace the litter with sawdust, newspapers or rags.

    Advantages and disadvantages of keeping the animal at home

    Before you start chinchilla houses you need to get to know them better, to learn the pros and cons of such a neighborhood.

    The positive aspects include:

    Chinchillas are naturally endowed with a good character;

  • Do not show aggression for no apparent reason;
  • Easy to learn, well trained;
  • Chinchillas are long-lived, in captivity their age can reach 20 years;
  • Interesting appearance;
  • Do not cause much trouble in the content and nutrition;
  • Do not emit unpleasant odors.
    • They lead a nocturnal lifestyle, make noise and interfere with sleep;
    • Walls and furniture spoil unattended walks;
    • Often take sand baths, after which cleaning of the apartment is required;
    • Maintaining temperature and humidity in a room with chinchillas.

    Opinions of chinchilla owners

    Nastya, Khabarovsk

    Cute kind pet. He sleeps during the day and is awake at night. But I’m already used to this feature. Very curious about wires, furniture and wallpaper. You need to constantly keep an eye on him while walking around the apartment.

    The coolest thing is that they don’t smell at all. I am pleased that this fluffy little ball of happiness lives in my house! ”

    Owner Reviews On Keeping Chinchillas At Home

    Beloboka, Rostov-on-Don

    “For three years I had two chinchillas. Funny animals, but a bit troublesome to care for. And I don’t like it when I have to limit the freedom of the animal. You can’t let them out without supervision, wallpaper, wires begin to gnaw.

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    They must be kept in large cells, which take up a lot of space. So that, if you have a small apartment, these pussies will definitely not suit you.

    Good animals in themselves, easily get used to the owner and go into the arms. Much smarter than hamsters or rats. ”

    Elena, Moscow

    “At first Kuzya was a little wild: he didn’t walk into his arms, did not take refreshments. But with a little patience, we managed to tame it. Now he makes excellent contact, has become almost manual. Walks only with me, otherwise everything will gnaw.

    Caring for chinchillas is not a big deal and does not require much time. Everyone can keep a beast in the house. Funny animals will give the owner a lot of joy.

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