Prohibited Foods For Chinchillas

We have already discussed chinchilla feeding basics and mentioned that they are very sensitive to nutrition. Now let’s dwell on the forbidden products for chinchillas.

Check out this list and make no mistakes so that your pet is healthy and happy.

Prohibited Foods For Chinchillas

IN NO EVENT! You may think: “But he likes, he is not a fool to eat what is impossible.” But this is not so, they calmly eat everything from the forbidden list (as well as glue, wallpaper and wires), shortening their lifespan.

A number of purchased goodies (any cereal sticks, drops, pads, fruit mixes, dried fruits, tartlets, grain baskets and waffles) – contain honey, sugar, dough, artificial additives and more. Causes bowel, pancreas, constipation and diarrhea.

All raw vegetables and fruits. (cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, melon, dates, dried apricots, apricots, peaches, prunes, plums, cherries, cherries, raisins, grapes) – cause severe fermentation in the intestines, poisoning, diarrhea and bloating, which deadly for chinchillas. The content of hydrocyanic acid is a strong poison (as for many rodents).

Any tropical fruit (pineapple, bananas, coconut, mangoes, citrus fruits) – cause allergies, baldness due to increased acidity and the content of pectin substances. Branches and fruits are toxic to chinchillas.

Any nuts and seeds – too fat, each type of nut has its own percentage of fat content, but in any case it is higher than how much fat can be chinchilla (2-3%). Fatty foods strike the liver, this process is gradual, cumulative, can take a long time. But in the end, obesity of the liver occurs, which is not treated. When the fur already begins to climb, the process cannot be stopped.

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Mushrooms – contain mushroom protein, which is dangerous for chinchillas.

Row of plants and trees (maple, coniferous trees, chestnut, walnut, lilac, bird cherry, wormwood, field mustard, lupine, St. John’s wort, euphorbia, peony) – most of this contains toxic and poisonous substances and oils, which are very dangerous for the animal.

Human food (bakery products, pasta, chips, corn flakes and balls, breakfast cereals, popcorn, honey, sugar, confectionery, any ice cream, candied fruit, meat, dairy products, eggs, alcoholic, sweet and carbonated drinks) – there’s nothing to discuss, most of it contains additives, sugar, yeast, etc., all this is very harmful and does not require special comments.

Some of you may be surprised, but there are people who want to “pamper” their pets and give them these products. Do not repeat their mistakes. You can see from what make healthy chinchillas goodies on your own. We wish your baby good health!

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