Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping


Reasons why the chinchilla is noisy at night, screaming, not sleeping

Chinchillas are generally active animals, and at night especially active in nature. The fact that the chinchilla does not sleep at night is not a problem until it starts to make a lot of noise or scream. If there are many reasons why the chinchilla is making noise or screaming at night, and in this article we will try to consider all the reasons so that you can avoid them.

First of all, you need to look at the conditions of the chinchilla, whether it eats properly, whether the conditions in the cage are comfortable for it, and whether you spend time with it. The animal needs somewhere to put energy, and if you do not play with it, then it will do it itself and, as usual, chinchillas play at night, and during the day she will sleep.

Reasons why chinchilla makes noise at night

  • Natural features. In their habitat, chinchillas seek food and walk only in the evening and at night. Hence the question, why wouldn’t they behave like this at home? The habit was fixed at the genetic level and it will not work out completely, but you can partially wean the chinchilla to make noise at night. There are special methods for this, but all of them are based on the fact that in the evening or at least in the afternoon, you play, swim or walk with your little animal. Then he will not have the strength to tear and throw as usual, he will become quieter, and after 2-3 hours of activity at night he will most likely fall asleep or sit in silence.
  • New Neighbor When a new neighbor is shared with a chinchilla, in 90% of cases it will swear and sometimes fight with it. Over time, they get along together, but still have to endure, so at night they will run and swear among themselves. You can transplant a new chinchilla into a separate cage for the night, but then the process of getting used to each other will be greatly delayed.
  • Mating The mating process itself is very fast, but courtship or games can last all night. It is especially bad for the owners, when the female for some reason rejects the male and he starts to get angry, even more noise and sometimes even stink come from such a couple.
  • Improperly equipped cage. If the chinchilla has noisy toys, do not be surprised why it is hard to sleep in your room. For your peace of mind, it is necessary to equip the cage so that all the toys are firmly fixed and when the chinchillas are actively running, they do not scatter in different directions. If you have a running wheel, then you need to buy the most silent.

Why chinchilla screams at night

To begin with, if an animal can make sounds, and at night it is especially active, then it is logical that at night it can scream. You had to be prepared for this before buying the animal. But do not be alarmed, chinchillas do not shout so loudly and there are always reasons that can often be solved.

The signals given by these fluffy rodents are unique, each of them is characteristic for a particular situation. They differ in height, mainly high-frequency prevail, but there are also low, which are often difficult to distinguish by human hearing. All types of squeals published by these animals can be divided into several groups:

Keep in mind that each chinchilla is unique, so some rodents are talkative, while others are silent. Lonely pets squeak much less than a couple, because they have no one to communicate with.

Chinchillas make sounds during:

  • Marital contact and dating before this
  • While eating
  • When they are still young
  • Angry and angry
  • Depressed and Depressed
  • Anxiety or due to external stimuli

In this article we have collected all the sounds that animals make, you can listen to them and maybe you will find exactly the one that your chinchilla makes at night.

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Wedding sounds

When a female and a male live at the same time, sometimes they will mate. The sound, when they are both ready for the wedding night, is very different from the others and resembles a very soft grunt. With the help of sounds, they call each other to contact and the tone of their sounds can constantly change. The male can make unpleasant sounds when the female refuses to mate.

When you walk with a pair of chinchillas, then without seeing each other they can use the sound, which is a call for a lost partner. The sound is very unusual and in its tone it seems that this is the sound of interest, in itself it is short but frequent.

During the mating season, in addition to chinchilla sounds, they make a noise at night, because:

  • The male cleans the floor
  • Actively wags its tail
  • Makes sounds of mating readiness

If she runs away from the male, then she will make this sound more often, and then it can develop into a sound of discontent. After successful mating, the male makes a strange hoarse sound that can only be compared with hiccups.

Sounds of cubs

Young chinchillas make a lot of sounds because they are still small, afraid of everything, constantly playing and exploring the world. For us, all their sounds are like a squeak, but the female clearly distinguishes them and understands what the cubs need.

If you hear a rumbling, then these are sounds of pleasure when they are full and satisfied. At the same time, their mother rumbles, but more often during feeding.

Usually a lot of noise and squeak are made by cubs who have been weaned from their mother. They often make loud squeaky sounds and, in addition, constantly crawl around the cell in search of mom. They also begin to communicate more often with each other if you have several cubs.

The most frequent noise that chinchilla cubs make at night is the sound of what they want to eat. This sound is also accompanied by the fact that the cub sticks its nose into the mother or simply goes to her. This squeak is very different from others, as it is very short and sharp.

The sound of defense or resistance

This sound is characterized by sharpness and volume. Chinchillas use it when they are in pain or are annoyed with something. Such a sound of the animal is made at any age. In nature, they use it to scare away their fellow tribesmen or other animals, which is why this sound is called protective.

Such a sound is often made for protection, from bad neighbors who create competition or from strangers passing near the cell. This sound is very often made by animals that their neighbors do not let to the feeders or they just started their acquaintance.

If the sound of the defense is made by the female with the cubs, then she is trying to tell them that they suck her milk for too long or bite painfully.

Sounds of anger

The sound of anger, anger is quite easy to distinguish, as it is accompanied by a grinding of teeth. In itself, it resembles a growl, which shows that the chinchilla is ready to smash everything to smithereens. Very often, chinchillas make a sound of anger at night, when a new tenant is hooked on them, until they get used to each other, you will constantly hear this noise at night.

Anger also arises from quarrels between a female and a male, especially during the mating season. It all starts with a simple growl, then goes into a gnashing of teeth, so one of the partners is trying to provoke the other into a fight. Then everything can continue by letting a trickle of urine into the enemy, and then a fight or a chase will begin. The noise from the chinchillas quarrels at night is very strong, so that the owners put one of them in another cage to sleep peacefully. Quarrels occur in same-sex neighbors. In case of strong noise at night, it is better to seat the brawlers in different cells, because they can cause serious injuries to each other.

Alarm sounds

Sometimes chinchillas make sounds of anxiety at night, most often this is due to loud or suspicious sounds / movements in the room. Chinchillas make such a sound at night in the form of short signals, similar to barking, to notify their fellow tribesmen about possible danger.

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Most often, such sounds are made by the chinchilla at night, when it lives only a few weeks with you, and only after a while they will stop when the animal is completely settled in a new dwelling.

Sometimes in animals with a difficult past, which have experienced a lot of stress, the sound is made involuntarily during sleep. It turns out that chinchillas have terrible dreams at night.

Normal noise while eating

Before buying any rodent, you need to remember that they eat quite noisily, especially at night, when there is absolute silence in the house. Chinchillas are very active at night, so after games and running around, they immediately want to eat.

Chinchillas make a very loud noise at night when:

  • Nibbling your house and shelves
  • Nibbles and mineral stones
  • Crackers and sweet sticks eat.

After reading this article, I hope that it will be easier for you to distinguish between the sounds your pet makes and if he asks for help, you will understand this. It is very important to recognize the requests of the chinchilla so that her life is comfortable, as a result of which she will make less noise at night and bother you.

Before buying a chinchilla, you need to remember that either the chinchilla will live in a separate room from which no sound will be heard, or you will have to get used to the noisy nightlife. Of course, there is the opportunity to teach a chinchilla to sleep at night, that it made less noise and we have a separate article about this.

Why chinchilla does not sleep at night

In this article, we probably answered this question, but for those who did not find the answer, we will repeat it. Chinchilla is a nocturnal animal and at night she does her best. You can reduce the activity of the chinchilla at night due to constant games and walks with it, but it will still sometimes make noise. Sometimes it seems that they have an almost unlimited supply of energy.

Why are chinchillas screaming? We are looking for the answer to this question

Oh, these animals. Absolutely charming creatures, without which life would not be so interesting.

In modern society there are few people who did not keep or do not keep animals at home. Recently it has become fashionable to acquire rodents such as chinchilla. The pet is very cute and the character is good. But it happens that the chinchilla begins to cry. Why? Find out below.

Chinchilla. what kind of beast?

This is a rodent with very valuable fur. Previously, chinchillas were considered only as an object on a fur coat. Fortunately, now people understand that fur coats. not the most important thing in life. They stopped breeding cute animals for this nasty goal.

Currently chinchilla. very nice pet. She has soft-touch fur, huge dark eyes and wide-set ears. In addition, there is practically no smell from this animal.

As for attachment to a person, it is worth noting the timidity of chinchillas. This is at first. As soon as she begins to slowly get used to the owner, she becomes more sociable, and there she is not far from taming.

Why are chinchillas screaming? We will definitely get to this issue a bit later. Now it is worthwhile to devote time to the shortcomings of this rodent.

  • Very shy animal. From a sharp cry or noise his heart may stop.
  • It does not tolerate when it is suddenly grabbed and taken out of the cage. Can float your teeth.
  • Absolutely not suitable for families with young children. Children tend to have a direct manifestation of their relationship to animals. Chinchilla is not the beast that can be "pat" or cuddle.
  • Focus on the person is average. An animal, like a cat, prefers to walk on its own.
  • Speaking of walks. It is undesirable to let out a rodent on room walks without accompaniment of the owner. Chinchilla is able to taste everything in its reach, including wires.
Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping

Scream. is it a signal

Why are chinchillas screaming? To some extent, their screams are signals to other members "families". If the animal lives alone, it makes sounds much less and less than a couple of cute rodents.

In general, the cries of furry pets are loud. But they are also capable of making sounds that the human ear cannot catch. Signals are divided into several groups:

  • Contact.
  • In the mating season.
  • Baby.
  • Protective and defensive.
  • Stressful.
  • Food.

Let’s consider each group in more detail.

Contact signal

Why does the chinchilla scream, or rather, make a soft grunt? Perhaps she is bored, she thus invites the owner to chat. If rodents live as a couple, the grunt of one of them indicates close friendship between animals.

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In the case when the pets walk around the room and one of them loses sight of the other, then it is quite possible to hear loud and sharp sounds. This is a call "of the lost" friend.

Hunting season

Why are female chinchillas screaming? It’s simple, they begin the season of desire to get married. The male actively cares for his girlfriend, wags his tail and emits short sound signals. The female, if she is ready for mating, responds with the same sounds. If she does not need courtship, the chinchilla begins to run away and defend herself. Her invocation cries give way to grunts.

After mating, a satisfied groom makes a hoarse sound. It seems that the male hiccups.

Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping

Baby says

Why are chinchilla babies screaming? They are much more talkative than adults. They usually make sounds after waking up. It can be a quiet and contented grunt, or it can be an angry scream.

If a chinchilla puppy is hungry, he reports this to the female. Beeps in high tones. After eating, the baby begins "sing".

Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping

Defensive defensive reaction

This is a squeak. And the squeaking chinchilla testifies to the fact that she is in pain, is irritated or surrenders. Yes, it is with a squeak that the rodent confirms its harmlessness.

Chinchilla screams at night: what to do? In the event that two individuals live in a cage, they did not divide the place under the sun, that is. feeding trough. If there is only one rodent in the house, do not forget that sometimes he dreams. It is likely that I dreamed of something not very pleasant.

Stress and rage

This may include anger. Most often you hear when you figure out a relationship "family couple". The male podzadrivat female, she begins to grit her teeth. And the male, in turn, annoys her with a loud squeak. The situation reaches its climax when urine skirmishes begin. Animals shoot urine at each other, emit a squeak of very high tonality and the chase begins in the cage.

Why are chinchillas screaming? If the animal is scared, sees or hears something unusual, then it emits a series of short, barking sounds. When buying a chinchilla, you need to know that at the first time of her residence in your house, such "barking" will be regular.

Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping

Food sounds

A quiet squeak and a loud crunch. such sounds are made by the rodent during its meal. And given the fact that chinchilla. a creature of the night, these sounds will accompany the owner’s dream. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better not to sleep in the same room with your favorite pet.


We found out why chinchillas are screaming. This can be a mating season, defense or stress, sleepy sounds, finding out the relationship between a couple of rodents or a contact signal.

Why is a chinchilla screaming in a dream? She dreams of something that the rodent does not like.

Loud sounds are also able to make babies chinchillas. Especially at a time when they are feeling hungry or dreaming of something unpleasant.

Reasons Why The Chinchilla Is Noisy At Night, Screaming, Not Sleeping


Any living creature makes sounds. Chinchilla is no exception. When acquiring such a pet, you should be prepared for its features. If you do not want constant "chatter" from the side of the pet, it is better to buy one rodent. If the sounds do not bother, then you can contain a couple of chinchillas. It all depends on the capabilities of the owner.

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