Rodents – Chinchilla In A City Apartment – It’S Easy!

Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

Recently, chinchillas, in the role of pets, have become increasingly popular among urban residents. In fact, this is not surprising. Having many years of experience keeping various animals in the apartment. I can say that chinchillas have practically no flaws in the content! Of course, if you can, or rather. want to create the right conditions for them to live.

Let’s start with a brief description:

Chinchilla. rodent. In nature, in his homeland. South America, there are very, very few of them left. Therefore, the chinchilla is listed in the international Red Book.

The closest relative is chinchilla. it is a porcupine, although they are not similar in appearance. Very similar to rabbits and squirrels, they do not have a direct relationship, although they are very similar in content to both.

This is a chinchilla of an ordinary, gray color. Such chinchillas were first brought to Russia in the middle of the last century for study and adaptation in our country. The acclimatization experiment in the nature of our country has not been completed.

The genus Chinchilla has only two types:

  1. Long Tailed Chinchilla, it is small or mountainous.
  2. Short-Tailed Chinchilla, it is large or flat.

Actually long-tailed chinchilla became the object of home maintenance and selection. Of course, initially chinchillas were bred to obtain valuable, warm and unusually beautiful fur, but over time, chinchillas from the category of fur animals went into the category of pets.

Keeping chinchillas in an apartment will not cause any particular difficulties. The only thing you need to remember when you decide to buy this pet. this is the initial investment of some material resources. A good, large cage, shelves, a house, and the beast itself are not cheap! (this is not a hamster).

It is better to purchase a beast from breeders. Come home, see how the animals are kept at home in people. Of course, not everyone is allowed to go home, but some owners of home nurseries even insist on personal contact. There you yourself will be able to live see your parents, brothers and sisters of your future pet, and you can choose.

You can take chinchilla to your home from two months old, it’s even better to take a baby, not an adult beast, because They get better used to hands and new owners. A healthy, strong baby has clear and clean eyes, a clean, not fallen-off hair and a peppy look! You need to see how the baby drinks and eats, take with him a little of the exact feed that the breeder feeds. See how the cells or display cases in which the chinchilla lives at the breeder are arranged to have an idea of ​​the contents. You can read many times and not imagine, and having seen once you can already draw a lot of conclusions for yourself. One such visit to a private nursery turned my life over forever. I’m passionate "got sick" these animals!

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One chinchilla can be kept in a cage. The cage should be at least 50 to 50 cm along the perimeter of the bottom, and a height of at least 60 cm. The rods should be metal, not laminated. Deep pan with grate above it. The distance between the rods should not be more than 1.5 cm. In the cage, at different heights, it is necessary to install several shelves with a width of 10-15 cm, a house, a drinker and a feeder. All internal equipment must be firmly screwed to the walls since Otherwise, all this will be toys. rattles for your little animal. In a metal cage and night silence, all these rattles will be an annoying factor for you, and when keeping and raising chinchillas, irritability and nervousness are unacceptable!

Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

Cells are used to keep a couple or more animals. shop windows.

Feeding home chinchillas is very simple. They feed on a special, granular food, a little dried carrots, other root crops, oats, a slice of dried apple and raisins, and a pinch of hay. that’s all! Do not give any fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. They should not eat any human or other food. this will lead to a fatal illness! Zest and dry apple. it is a delicacy and encouragement and there should not be many of them. An adult chinchilla eats 2-3 tables a day. Spoons of dry mix and a small piece of hay, water in an automatic drinking bowl should be in the cage constantly! Thus, at a cost of 100-200 rubles. For a kilo and a small daily rate. feeding will not be expensive!

Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

White-pink velvet.

When kept in a cage, sawdust or granules for cats and rodents toilets are poured over the entire area of ​​the pallet and covered with a mesh of the bottom of the cage. When kept in a display case, nothing is poured onto the floor. the filler is poured only into the tray. toilet, where the animal will go to celebrate a small need. Shushi cannot control the production process of boluses (poop) and therefore scatter them everywhere, but they are dry and do not stick. All chinchillas vital products are odorless at all! Even if you do not change the filler in the cell pan for a month. You will not smell then. Try this with a hamster, rat, or guinea pig.

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The purity of their unique chinchilla fur coat is maintained by bathing in a special mixture of zeolite dust and sand. Remember. chinchillas DO NOT BUY IN WATER! The fur of Shusha is unusually dense and thick, and therefore parasites do not start in it, and regular bathing in the sand does not leave the parasites a chance! Actually, this sand is the main item of maintenance costs. its cost is from 150 to 600 rubles, and the expense is almost half a month. Together with the innate cleanliness, care for the fur of animals is reduced to almost zero. True, sometimes during molting it is necessary to slightly comb the coat with a frequent comb. Shushi don’t really like this procedure, and you need to train not to be afraid of scallops from childhood, even if there is no need to comb it.

In recent years, an extraordinary many chinchilla colors have been bred. Gold Bar, blue diamond, violet, sapphire, white-pink velvet, etc. are all colors of chinchillas. All of them are almost identical in appearance, but completely different in quality and color of coat.

More recently, a new breed of chinchillas was bred and appeared in our country. Royal Persian Angora. This is a completely unusual animal! Big, round head, small ears, big eyes and a cheeky face make Angora a completely cartoon character!

Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

Royal Persian Angora standard color. Photo from the Angor site from the sales section.

I would especially like to dwell on the education of chinchillas

Even if you do not take into account the cute, amusing appearance. chinchillas have enough good qualities and character is one of them. Shushi does not bite or scratch, unless, of course, you hurt her! The baby you raised will be tame and faithful, like a puppy. Chinchillas have considerable intelligence and can be taught to walk around the room and return to the cage at the command of the owner. But thanks to a considerable intellect and some kind of telepathic abilities (this has not been scientifically proven, but many breeders assure) some chinchillas literally subjugate their masters and literally sit on their heads. Proper education, timely promotion and regular communication. here is the main guarantee in raising a good pet.

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Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

White hetero ebony.

In breeding, chinchillas are a very fertile material for breeding. Many genetically fixed colors can interbreed and produce offspring, the color of which can be calculated in advance. Carrying different colors at the same time in one manufacturer can give, with the right selection of a pair, very interesting combinations and colors. The appearance of new colors is unlikely, but what we possess now has incredibly huge potential! White, gold, black, brown, blue, violet. an incredible array of colors and shades of color. this is what we have at the moment in the colors of these wonderful animals.

I think that thanks to all that I have listed, due to the fact that you yourself will know when you get this animal and tell others. thanks to all this, chinchillas will spread more and more in our homes and make our hearts a little softer and warmer!

Rodents - Chinchilla In A City Apartment - It'S Easy!

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The author of the article: Picasso I.P.

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