What Does Chinchilla Accustomed To The Tray Mean

What Does Chinchilla Accustomed To The Tray Mean

Today, chinchilla has become a favorite pet for children and adults. And in order for the animal to live comfortably next to a person, you need to know all the subtleties care after him. For many, it becomes a problem to teach a furry pet to the toilet.

Chinchillas have a bad habit – they scatter waste products throughout their home. Therefore, to keep the cage clean, it is necessary to train the animal to the toilet.

This is not difficult to do. Moreover, chinchilla has one natural feature that will help it easily prove itself as a clean animal. Namely: in the natural habitat, these rodents relieve themselves in one place so as not to attract predators to their place of residence.

Accustoming chinchillas to a toilet most often comes down to learning to write in a tray. Celebrate your others "dirty tricks»It’s much harder to train in a certain place, since chinchillas do not control their bowel movements. But the good news is that the litter of the animal does not have a pronounced smell, quickly hardens, and therefore there should not be any special problems with maintaining cleanliness in the cage.

The rodent in the cage must be purchased tray with wide sides. The place in the cage where to install it will help determine the pet itself. You need to look at the pet and determine in which corner of the cage he most often goes to the toilet. There should be no drinking bowls or bowls of water near the “latrine” of the chinchilla. Having decided on the place, place the tray with the filler there. Better if it will granular charcoal. It absorbs and absorbs well.

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What Does Chinchilla Accustomed To The Tray Mean

After the animal satisfies its needs, its waste products are collected and placed in a tray. This should be done regularly so that the pet sniffs and remembers. Chinchillas are savvy animals. After some time, the rodent will realize that you need to go to the toilet exactly in the tray. After a successful attempt, the pet must be praised. You can encourage a delicious treat. Chinchillas perfectly catch the intonation of their interlocutor and understand perfectly when they are praised, and when scolded.

The filler in the tray changes as it becomes dirty. But at least once a week. Filling the tray with new filler leaves a little dirty. As soon as the animal learns all the toilet tricks, the dirty filler is completely changed.

Having shown patience, you without special efforts teach a pet to relieve the need for a designated place. But remember that all the pets are different, someone catches everything from the first attempts, and someone has to tinker longer. Among chinchillas, more capable students proved to be females. Positive results are often achieved with young animals. It is more difficult to train an adult rodent.

Chinchillas with a difficult character come across. They refuse to use the toilet. They go to places where it is convenient for them and in various other ways demonstrate their abysmal character. To convince such a beast is extremely difficult and then it is better to leave him alone.

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