What Herbs Should Not Be Given To Chinchillas

What Herbs Should Not Be Given To Chinchillas

What herbs should not be given to chinchillas?
You can not give: St. John’s wort, fern, horsetail, sedge, chinton, raven eye, buttercup, whitewash, dope, marigold, white hellebore.

What Herbs Should Not Be Given To Chinchillas

It is impossible 1) Drafts and temperatures above 25 degrees.
2) Wash the chinchilla with water. If there is dirt, gently wipe the place with a damp cloth and wrap it in a towel until it dries.
3) Feed chinchilla seeds (white, black, burnt. No difference), raisins, prunes (weakens in large quantities), food from a human table, "wet" food, i.e. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grass. The fact is that chinchillas have a very weak gastrointestinal tract, I already mentioned this. "Wet" food will lead to negative consequences. You may have heard from friends or relatives that they regularly give chinchillas fresh weed, fruit, etc. Not the fact that it will end well. this time.
If by all means you decide to give fresh grass in the summer, then train it gradually. Do not tear it in the city, there are cars and a bunch of all sorts of nasty things. Bringing home, wash the grass. Then min 20 let it lie down. And only then, in a small amount, you can give chinchilla.
The main thing. remember which chinchilla herbs you can, which you can’t.
4) You can not often take a chinchilla in his hands, squeeze against her will.
You can take it only by the base of the tail, although some take it by the ears, but personally it seems to me not the best way.
5) Sudden movements, noise, rearrangement of the cell / window. all this affects the nervous system of chinchillas.
6) In no case should you let the chinchilla out onto the street, even on a harness (which, in my opinion, is just a mockery), firstly, the animal can eat up poisonous grass (I would like to remind you that it is also fresh, which is also not recommended chinchilla), secondly, a cat, a dog, a bird of prey. a huge threat to a small defenseless animal. And thirdly, it can be a huge stress for a chinchilla.
7) It is not recommended to let the chinchilla run around the apartment (even in 1 room under supervision), if you firmly insist on walking, believing that the chinchilla cannot live without it, and I am sure that such people will certainly be found, then at least comply with safety rules.
. Hide all the wires in the room, but it is advisable to completely turn off the electricity.
. Remove all plants from the room.
. Do not leave water containers where the chinchilla can dive.
. Restrict from other pets, even if the cat \ dog does not show aggression when meeting with the chinchilla 1 time, it is not a fact that 2 times they will not attack a small animal.
. The owner himself should sit (or lie =)) in one place without getting up.
. Prevent relatives from entering the room (when you open the door, even if at first it seemed to you that the chinchilla is far from the exit, it may end up next to the opening door in one jump and risk being slammed).
. Also, while walking, the chinchilla can overheat. In no case do not let out chinchilla when the temperature in the room is more than 23 degrees.
. A chinchilla can fall from a great height, for example, jump first on a chair. Then to the table, then to the cupboard, and then from the cupboard to the floor.
It’s up to you to walk with a chinchilla or not. I am against walking, but honestly. she walked her first chinchilla out of inexperience. First, the first days she walked, everything was fine. and Shushka is happy, and the hostess is happy. But here she had the urge to run away under the baseboards (a walk was carried out in the kitchen). Shushka just shoved them off with her paw and quickly squeezed through the hole. The first time we barely got it (she herself did not go out in any), then, as soon as we released the chinchilla for the second time for a walk. She immediately rushed to the baseboards first thing.
Our poor shusha was so stressed when we got out of there, lost her hair, which I decided for myself. no walk for a walk. Especially after reading some topics on a specialized forum about chinchillas. This is some kind of nightmare. So many animals died due to the owner’s obstinacy: "And I will not have this!" Then they themselves create topics by type: "What to do, chinchilla fell off the cabinet!"

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