What Kind Of Grass Can Chinchillas


What Kind Of Grass Can Chinchillas

Proper care of the chinchilla implies not only compliance with veterinary standards and favorable conditions for the animal to live, but also proper, rich and varied nutrition. One way to diversify your diet is through grass, but what kind of grass can chinchillas have?

Can Chinchilla Grass: Feeding Features

The main feed base for chinchillas is granular feed, grain mixes and hay. But, from time to time they can be given grass. Chinchilla herbs are top dressing, not the main food, so they cannot be fed with grass alone.

In herbs, there are many vitamins, minerals, trace elements that are simply necessary for a pet to have a full and long life. Moreover, it is believed that "green" food is the favorite treat of chinchillas. It is plants that contain protein and fiber, which are necessary for the favorable functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for the general health of the chinchilla.

In the season when everything blooms, many owners of furry animals are puzzled by the question of whether it is possible to give chinchillas fresh grass. The fact is that fresh grass can provoke an upset stomach in the animal.

So can chinchillas fresh grass or not? It is important to observe moderation, you can give your pet some fresh vegetation as an encouragement during training. And if you want to give more, it is better to dry the freshly collected grass a little. It is better to use such feeding up to two times a week.

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In addition, it should be noted that not all fresh grass is suitable for eating chinchillas. So, for example, fresh clover and alfalfa can provoke strong gas formation due to which the pet will suffer.

Also, in the nutritional characteristics of chinchillas, it is important to consider that grass will not be able to completely replace feed intended for pets. Therefore, in no case should you give up nutrition in favor of herbs alone. Despite the fact that they have many useful substances, they can not replace the feed.

What Kind Of Grass Can Chinchillas

What kind of grass can be given to chinchillas?

In order not to harm the health of your pet, you need to know what kind of grass chinchillas can be eaten and whether dandelions can be given to chinchillas (this is one of the most common and affordable plants in the spring-summer period). We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of herbs for chinchillas that are allowed to be eaten:

  • Spinach – rich in protein, magnesium and iron;
  • Nettle – perfect as a complementary food during molting, or if the female animal is pregnant;
  • Apple tree leaves – improve digestion;
  • Rosehip – suitable as a treat;
  • Plantain – has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, can be used to strengthen the immune system during an animal’s illness;
  • Dandelions – Many owners doubt whether dandelions can be chinchillas. So, dandelions for chinchillas are useful, and you can give any part of this plant: flowers, leaves and roots. The greatest number of useful elements is found in the leaves of this plant;
  • Raspberry foliage – used as an additive to hay;
  • Burdock – improves metabolism;
  • Chamomile – helps to cope with an upset digestive tract system. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the effect will be exactly the opposite;
  • Parsley – increases appetite, restores immunity;
  • Bird Highlander – is a rich source of various vitamins;
  • Lingonberry leaves – suitable for general recovery;
  • Leaves and flowers of strawberries – strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
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Each plant has a set of its unique properties, so this is not just a treat and a treat. You need to select herbs for feeding your animal, based on its state of health and on its needs.

What Kind Of Grass Can Chinchillas

What chinchilla herbs should not be given

In trying to diversify the diet of your pet, do not forget that not all herbs can be given to chinchillas for food. There are those plants that are poisonous for chinchillas and can cause not only poisoning, but also death.

The following plants are included in the list of herbs forbidden for eating for chinchillas:

If there is no certainty what kind of grass you are giving your pet, then it is better to completely refuse such a treat, otherwise you can fork out for treatment of the animal in the best case, and in the worst cause death of your pet.

What Kind Of Grass Can Chinchillas

Useful recommendations for feeding grass

A few tips will help you make the best menu for your pet:

  1. The best period to feed the animal with herbs is the beginning of spring. During this period, herbs are as saturated as possible with useful elements.
  2. Fresh plants are best dried in 2-3 hours, preferably in the sun.
  3. If the plant has fruits, then it is impossible to give them to the pet (except for dandelion), only “green” parts of plants are suitable for food.

Chinchillas love grass and are ready to eat it constantly, but this does not mean that you need to pamper your pet. Only the owner’s attentiveness determines how healthy his animal will be, and how rich and proper his diet will be. Be sure to use this list of what kind of grass chinchillas can use. If you give the animal the right goodies, he will be pleased and thank his master!

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