What Sounds Can A Chinchilla Make


What Sounds Can A Chinchilla Make

Sounds made by chinchillas can be interpreted in different ways. They vary in tonality and at some points in intonation resemble human speech. Watching these animals can be a very interesting and informative activity for their owner.

Why chinchilla screams

If your chinchilla screams day or night, then in this way she most likely wants to tell you something as her master or other individuals in the cage. By their nature, these rodents are considered prey for predators, and therefore with the help of sounds they communicate with each other. How to determine their nature? We invite you to listen to the "conversation" of adult chinchillas and their cubs.

What Sounds Can A Chinchilla Make

Chinchilla Voice Library

Let us conditionally divide all the sounds of chinchillas in directions and give examples of each of them. You can listen to these “conversations” of animals in the corresponding section. Here you will find contact signals, calls for the opposite sex, manifestation of discontent and love for children, other animals and many other sounds of chinchillas.

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It is known that these rodents become more active at night, and therefore do not be surprised if you hear strange squeaks or screeching, gnashing of teeth or something else inarticulate. The pet makes an exclamation when he wants to convey something or simply feels a lack of attention. Let us further consider situations in which a chinchilla can make one or another sound night and day.

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Sounds during contact and communication

To communicate with each other, rodents use an exclamation that resembles a grouchy talk. If you hear it, you can remain calm, as the pet simply expresses closeness to other chinchillas or simply suffers from loneliness and informs its “neighbors” about it. What is that sound? We offer to listen.

What Sounds Can A Chinchilla Make

Mating sounds

Of particular interest are chinchillas who want or do not want to mate. As a rule, the male pursues the female, while issuing a draft squeak. This happens mainly when the girl begins to estrus. But this is still not a reason to agree to the mating. The girl in response can squeal irritably, splash urine into the male’s face and thereby express her protest.

Some boys are quite annoying and continue to pursue their own. At the same time, they can continue to shout out to a potential partner and throw their tail or make an offended sound after a failure.

Immediately after mating, the male makes hoarse exclamations, after which the partners fall asleep peacefully, sitting side by side on the same shelf or in a house.

Sounds of cubs

Next to his mom, small chinchiks make loud squeaks, thereby telling them that mom is next and they want to eat. In response, the nurse can grumble and lick her baby’s ears. It also happens that children worry the parent by biting her nipples or having a fight for milk. Then mom gets angry and her contented grunt turns into an annoyed scream.

In this video you can listen to how mom cooes with the children.

Sounds of protest and defense

It is not clear why the chinchilla squeaks while sitting at the feeding trough or being close to its cell neighbor. Sometimes, with the help of protesting sounds, the rodent makes it clear that he became a victim and was injured by another resident of the cage. Each animal has its own character, and therefore some pets in the cage may be more assertive and able to offend others.

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The injured side will obviously make itself felt with a nervous exclamation, similar to the tonality in which a person says, "Get out of here!"

In some situations, the chinchilla emits a protection signal when it wants to protect itself from danger. Then the exclamation will be short and in intonation will also be similar to the human “Go away!”. Often a rodent makes such an exclamation when a stranger picks it up or approaches a cage.

What Sounds Can A Chinchilla Make

Sounds of anger

When the animal is angry, it often gets up on its hind legs and at the same time emits a characteristic loud cry. Chinchilla anger may be accompanied by splashes of urine into the opponent’s face. Chinchilla mother can be angry at her children, as well as a female at the male for too persistent courtship.

Alarm sounds

When a chinchilla is worried or frightened by something, she can make alarming exclamations to warn her relatives. These are short syllables, coming in a simultaneous flow from a small mouth. In reality, this exclamation looks very funny and looks like a quiet short bark. That is why it is often called the barking of chinchillas. Quite often, a pet makes similar disturbing sounds in a new house. And when she gets used to the house, then she will make such exclamations less and less.

Chewing sounds

Here you can listen to how animals chew fruit.

Other features of chinchilla sounds

Each animal is unique in nature and has its own special character. And therefore, all animals can be conditionally divided into silent people, talkers, piskuns, singers. In order to better understand the animal, you need to get used to it and after the first meeting listen to the exclamations made. So you can understand in what situation he is scared, when he wants your attention, well, and at what exclamations he is angry.
By the way, chinchillas do not make any sounds in the hands of their beloved owner. The best sign of contentment is the silence of the animal. This is not a cat who loves to purr

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Video "Chinchilla is angry"

In this video you can listen to how the animal screams angrily.

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