What Time Of Year Chinchillas Breed

Breeding chinchillas

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What Time Of Year Chinchillas Breed

Chinchillas reach puberty by about 6-8 months of age. Mature females can produce offspring two to three times a year. Although a female chinchilla after giving birth is better to give rest at least for six months. To do this, it is imperative that the male be put into another cage several days before the birth or on the day of birth so that he cannot re-cover the female, which, on the first day after the birth, comes back to hunting and therefore can become pregnant.

For breeding, it is important to choose the right pair. Some experts believe that during the initial selection of pairs, young females should be paired with a male of any, but older, age, and young males should be brought with females only older than they are of age. All this is desirable, but not necessary, but following this rule allows you to get more healthy offspring.

When selecting pairs, another condition is also important – namely, relations between partners. Therefore, before mating, it is desirable to determine how the relations of the male and the female develop with each other. To do this, it is recommended to introduce them in advance and keep them in one cell. In the case of prolonged mutual aggression and inappropriateness, one of the partners must be replaced by a new candidate. Least of all problems and best mating young animals that are kept together for a long time. Chinchillas, who have been living alone for a long time, do not always willingly accept strangers into their territory, where they feel like a master. Therefore, chinchillas are best introduced to neutral territory.

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The mating season in chinchillas is weakly expressed and can sometimes last from February-March, until November. During this period, animals are very active, especially males. They are constantly pursued by the female, while making quite loud snorting sounds. In female chinchillas, the duration of the sexual cycle, according to different authors, can vary from a minimum of 28 days to 3-4 months. A successful covering of the female is possible only within three days, when the estrus actively passes, and a vaginal secret begins to stand out from the opened vagina. In addition, in female chinchillas ready for pairing, the external genitalia become more visible, swell and turn pink.

The peak of the sexual activity of animals falls precisely at this time. The behavior of chinchillas changes markedly, they become more active and playful. The male can even chase the female during the day, chasing her in the cage, wagging her tail and making snorting sounds.

As a result, the courtship of the male ends in mating, which most often occurs at night. After successful fertilization, a female vaginal plug appears in the female about 12 hours after mating, which subsequently prevents repeated mating.

Pregnancy in chinchillas lasts approximately 105-120 days, but an average of 111 days. During pregnancy, the female needs an enhanced and varied diet, she does not like at this time and unnecessary anxiety and fuss. Therefore, in the second half of pregnancy, the male is better to be detached from the female, and in order to protect the female chinchilla from unnecessary excitement and stress and preserve the offspring, the nest needs to be darkened (for example, covered with a dark porch).

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In the diet of a pregnant female chinchillas, it is necessary to additionally include a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals (in particular calcium gluconate), as well as greens (nettle leaves, dandelions, etc.), rose hips, hawthorn, etc.

What Time Of Year Chinchillas Breed

If during the first two months of pregnancy, the female gains weight slowly, then during the last third of pregnancy the development of the fetus proceeds very quickly, which is reflected in a significant increase in female weight. Therefore, in the second half of pregnancy, females prefer to sleep on their sides. Around the end of the ninth week of pregnancy, the female has a strong swelling of the nipples, which indicates an early birth.

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