What To Do If Chinchilla Has Started Diarrhea


A feature of the body of chinchillas is a long food tube. It is necessary for the digestion of foods containing large amounts of fiber. In the diet of animals there is dry grass and branches.

What To Do If Chinchilla Has Started Diarrhea

The process of digesting food is 12-15 hours. Chinchilla diarrhea may be due to infectious or non-infectious causes.

The reasons

In most cases, digestive upset occurs due to mistakes made when feeding a pet:

  1. Diarrhea can begin if the chinchilla is fed exclusively with dry food.
  2. Diarrhea occurs in animals with a sharp increase in succulent feed.
  3. Chinchilla is not recommended to be fed foods rich in proteins and fats.
  4. Digestive disorders can trigger moldy foods.
  5. Violation of the digestion process occurs with severe stress.
  6. Diarrhea begins in animals after eating a feed infected with various infections. Malicious bacteria infect the intestinal and stomach mucous membranes. A sick animal suffers from gas formation. Watery stools dehydrate your pet.


Digestive upset manifests itself in the form of painful urges. In the chinchilla, the abdominal cavity noticeably increases. The pet suffers from frequent bowel movements. A sign of diarrhea is a change in the consistency of the stool. The discharge becomes soft, fluid. The animal loses its previous activity, its appetite decreases.


The following signs indicate an infectious infection:

  • The appearance of mucus and blood;
  • A stinking smell emanates from the feces of the animal.

Self-treatment of chinchilla diarrhea is possible only if the pet is in good health.

Therapeutic measures are to adjust the diet of the animal. Thanks to a strict diet, you can get rid of soft stools. In case of digestive upset, only hay and water should be left in the animal’s diet.

To speed up the elimination of toxins in your pet’s food, add adsorbents. To do this, dilute Smecta in water and inject the solution into the animal’s mouth with a syringe.

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Oak bark has a firming effect. It can be used to make infusion. The therapeutic effect of the solution can be enhanced by adding dried chamomile flowers. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

The cause of diarrhea in chinchilla is a violation of the balance of microflora in the intestine. Normal microflora can be restored with the help of preparations containing lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

In case of an infectious infection, the veterinarian prescribes antibacterial agents (nitrofurans, sulfonamides). Antibiotics are prescribed after laboratory tests of animal feces. During the treatment, you need to correctly calculate the dose of the drug.

In the absence of a therapeutic effect from a diet change, a sick pet can be reaped with Bactisubtil or Ersefuril. Preparations must first be diluted in water. The finished solution is injected into the animal’s mouth. The duration of treatment is 2 days.

The danger of diarrhea is the rapid dehydration of the pet. To avoid rapid loss of fluid, chinchilla should be evaporated with isotonic solution. Finished drugs are sold at the pharmacy.

If necessary, the solution can be prepared at home. To do this, pour 2 cups of water in a separate container. Add to the liquid 2 tbsp. Spoons of sugar. Then add a quarter teaspoon of soda and salt to the mixture. All components must be thoroughly mixed.

In the pharmacy you can find a probiotic "Vetom". This medication helps with infection. It is used to treat coccidiosis, dysentery, and salmonellosis. Sweet taste attracts chinchilla. The condition of the sick pet should improve in a few days.

Features of diarrhea in chinchilla babies

Diarrhea in young individuals occurs when they are weaned from their mother. When switching to a new feed, the digestive system is reorganized. Often, females develop mastitis, which is dangerous for the cubs. Ingestion of pesticides and poisonous plants leads to poisoning of the body of babies.

Important! Do not let hemlock leaves, honeysuckle and lily of the valley get into the food.

What to do if there is no way to contact a veterinarian?

With diarrhea, the pet suffers from dehydration. To compensate for the lack of fluid in the body, you can use a solution of Regidron. To increase immunity, you can enter a subcutaneous injection with vitamin C.

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In the absence of noticeable improvements, antibiotics can be used. The following drugs are used to treat diarrhea: Biomycin, Synthomycin and Tetracycline.

You can’t do without a veterinarian when mucus and blood appear in the secretions of an animal. The concern of the owner of the animal should cause a change in the behavior of the pet. The help of a specialist is needed if the chinchilla lies motionless in the corner of the cage and does not fit your favorite food.

Ercefuril is used in the treatment of protracted diarrhea. The duration of treatment should not exceed 3 days, as this can lead to side effects.

Alternative methods of treatment

Pomegranate Peels have a pronounced fixing effect. The owner of the animal can not waste time preparing the infusion. It is enough to give the pet some dried crusts to achieve an improvement in its condition.

Oak bark has an astringent effect on the digestive tract of chinchillas. Add crushed bark to the animal’s bowl.

Important! Do not leave herbal decoctions in the drinker for a long time. They need to be changed periodically.

Chinchilla during illness can be fed chamomile and plantain. To achieve a faster result, it is better to prepare a healing infusion. The prepared solution is evaporated to the sick animal. Medicinal substances quickly enter the digestive tract and begin to act on pathogenic microorganisms.

A bactericidal effect is possessed by a hemophilus. Pour in Art. A spoonful of raw materials in a separate container and pour 2 cups of water. You need to boil the infusion for 10 minutes. After that, cover the liquid with a lid and wait for 30 minutes. Pour the cooled broth into the drinker of a sick pet. Do not forget to change the healing infusion daily.


Chinchilla diarrhea can be avoided by proper feed selection. It is necessary to take into account the features of the digestive system of the pet.

What To Do If Chinchilla Has Started Diarrhea

The mistake of many breeders is that they consider chinchillas to be rodents. However, unlike rodents, they are not omnivorous. Chinchillas can eat exclusively plant foods. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains or dry mixes may be present in their diet.

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The main component in their menu should be hay. Dry grass is an essential element that contributes to the normal functioning of the intestines.

Digestive upset occurs when seeds, grapes, cabbage or persimmons are added to a pet’s food. Grass should not be wet. Do not use leftover food from the table to feed the animal.

Chinchillas simply adore sweets, from which they can start diarrhea. Do not give your pet cookies or sweets. Instead, suggest a piece of melon or watermelon.

You need to regularly remove food debris from the cage. Change bedding in a timely manner to prevent infection from multiplying. Do not keep your pet in a tight cage at all times. The animal must be able to move.

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