Why Does A Chinchilla Lie On Its Side


Why Does A Chinchilla Lie On Its Side

Home-made chinchillas are active furry creatures that adore affection and delicious food. Most often, pets spend the day in a sitting position. If the chinchilla lies on its side, this can be a symptom of a serious illness or the imminent death of a small animal. If the chinchilla lies on its side, it is advisable to consult an unusual pet with a veterinarian to rule out possible pathologies or prescribe timely treatment to save the life of a wonderful rodent.

In what condition is it normal for a chinchilla to lie on its side?

If the chinchilla lay on its side and sleeps calmly, and after sleeping actively plays, eats and talks cheerfully with the owner, then there is absolutely no reason for concern, just an unusual pet at home is comfortable to sleep in this position.

Unusual postures for sleeping can also be a position on the back, a ball or, stretching out in full growth.

Chinchilla can also lie on its side in the process of getting used to a new place of residence. When the situation changes, the emotional animal gets a lot of stress, sits and sleeps the first days sitting with its hunched back. In the future, the animal adapts to living conditions and can take a comfortable position for him, including on its side.

With good appetite and activity, this position is not a pathology.

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Pregnant chinchillas often lie on their sides and back in the late stages, which is absolutely normal behavior of the animal during gestation.

Pathologies in which the chinchilla falls sideways

South American rodents are notable for good health, but in case of violation of the rules of feeding and keeping, furry animals are exposed to various infectious and non-infectious diseases. If the chinchilla is sluggish, refuses food and lies on its side, most likely the pet is sick. In this case, you must urgently contact a veterinary clinic or call a specialist at home to provide first aid and prescribe appropriate treatment for a small pet.

Diseases in which the chinchilla can lie on its side.

Why Does A Chinchilla Lie On Its Side

If the chinchilla is cheerful and eats well, then most likely sleeping on its side is her habit


It is observed with frequent stresses, injuries, intoxication, in elderly animals.

The disease is characterized by vivid symptoms:

  • An apathetic chinchilla lies on its side and breathes heavily;
  • Refuses food;
  • Increased thirst and aggression may be observed.

Brain pathology

If the cerebellum is damaged as a result of trauma or squeezing a tumor:

  • The fluffy animal falls on its side when moving;
  • Lies on its side with an elongated limb;
  • Refuses food;
  • Muzzle distortion may be observed;
  • Strabismus and vomiting.


Pathology can be congenital or acquired in nature. It manifests itself with seizures of varying periodicity and intensity, during which the animal falls sideways, bends the body and fights in convulsions.


Staying indoors with temperatures above 25 degrees is deadly for chinchillas. When overheating a chinchilla:

  • Sluggish;
  • Refuses food;
  • Lies on its side and breathes heavily.
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Video: when it’s hot chinchilla

Lack of B vitamins and calcium in the diet

It is characterized by seizures in which the chinchilla falls on its side and convulses.

Why Does A Chinchilla Lie On Its Side

Chinchilla sleeping on its side must be watched


Unvaccinated chinchillas can become infected with rabies from a sick animal bite while walking on the street. The disease is very dangerous for humans.

Rabies in chinchillas is manifested:

  • Aggression
  • Impaired coordination;
  • Salivation;
  • Cramps;
  • Paralysis of limbs.

Sick animals die.

If the chinchilla lies on its side and breathes heavily, refuses food and communication, you should not waste time and hope that the disease goes away on its own. In this state, a little rodent urgently needs the help of a specialist, self-medication or neglect of pathology can cause the death of a beloved pet.

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