Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet


The owners of chinchillas know that these animals have excellent appetite. They almost always chew something, looking for something to feast on. Therefore, when the owner notices that the chinchilla is sluggish, has become lethargic, refuses to play, does not eat or drink, it starts to sound the alarm. This is reasonable, because such behavior on the part of the pet can indicate the presence of serious health problems.

Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet

Reasons to refuse food

There can be different reasons for a chinchilla eating poorly. Some of them are easier to eliminate, some require long-term treatment. An attentive breeder should be able to notice any deviation in the behavior of the animal, because this is the only way to quickly identify "problems" in the pet’s health and help him in treatment.

So, the possible problems due to which the puffy can refuse food and drink may be the following.


This problem is an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Inflammation can be both colds and acid or alkaline.

Liquid stool, a lethargic state and refusal to eat give such a problem. The common cold can be accompanied by sneezing, constant scratching of the nose.

Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet

Such inflammation somewhat complicates the process of digesting food – at least the fact that the ingress of food into the esophagus causes pain. Sometimes the stomach does not digest food at all. This forces the chinchilla to give up food and water. Refusal from food makes the pet sleep more often, kind of “save energy” of the body. As a result, the puffy becomes lethargic.

How to fix such a nuisance? It is imperative to consult a veterinarian to determine the nature of an individual’s disease. Independently crank up such a definition from the owner will not work. Acidic, alkaline and colds are treated differently, different drugs are prescribed, the effects of drugs on different organs and systems.

Each form requires a strict diet. Any food except fresh hay and clean water is excluded. With a successful treatment process, grated carrots, decoctions from oats and chopped cereals are gradually introduced into the diet (oats are best digested). Conventional feed is introduced only after complete recovery.

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Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet


A rather unpleasant situation, which is caused by the ingestion of contraindicated products. Contraindicated products include various poisonous herbs and salts. Eating rot and mold will negatively affect the well-being of the animal. This will make the pet refuse to feed.

Poisoning can be noticed by hearing the grinding of teeth and noticing how the chinchilla does not eat for a long time.

Salt poisoning is treated by feeding the rodent milk or vegetable oil. Soldering is carried out using a syringe. The introduction of five percent calcium chloride under the skin is also necessary. Milliliters are introduced to young individuals, three to adults. If necessary, you should contact a veterinary clinic, because an incorrect injection can lead to injury.

Poisoning can have a chronic form.

The action plan for detecting poisoning should begin with the detection of the ingestion of the toxic substance into the animal’s body. Next, you need to give fluffy a means to induce vomiting and a laxative. Washing is carried out using pure water and crushed charcoal.

It is extremely important throughout the treatment of poisoning to monitor the amount of water in the drinker. Salt poisoning causes intense thirst.

Tooth diseases

Another reason that the chinchilla does not eat food can be various dental diseases. Eating causes pain, therefore the animal tries to reduce the amount consumed to a minimum. This leads to severe weight loss, lethargy.

The treatment here is to file or completely remove the hook teeth. This is carried out only in a veterinary clinic under general anesthesia. Dental treatments cannot be carried out independently.

Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet


With abundant amounts of green food in the diet, flatulence can occur. This occurs as a result of the fermentation process of undigested food in the body.

Such a nuisance is treated with absorbent drugs.


Heat stroke can occur if the conditions of detention are not observed or if the climate is too hot. Such an ailment is expressed in that the chinchilla becomes lethargic, begins to breathe more often and refuses to eat or drink. Severe overheating can cause seizures.

First of all, you need to transfer the pet into the shade, in a cool and darkened place. On the head of the animal, you can put a wet cold towel. With convulsions, a solution of caffeine is introduced inside. The core individuals are injected with glucose and camphor oil.

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The exact recommendations for action in such cases should be issued by a veterinarian.


Constipation occurs after a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, a lack of water for drinking, or inactivity of the pet. Constipation causes a refusal to eat, as it causes a rather painful feeling in a fluffy one.

In such cases, laxatives or special enemas can help, some of which can be made independently. Frequent constipation indicates a malfunction of the digestive system. This is a great reason to see a doctor and examine a furry pet.


A stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation. If this happens to the chinchilla, it will stop eating and drinking, will be lethargic and motionless. This, to be honest, is not the worst of the consequences of a stroke.

Upon the occurrence of such a nuisance, you need to urgently contact a specialist. Only he can tell what to do in this case.


Internal injuries also provide a good reason. Injuries can occur if a foreign body enters the gastrointestinal tract, or is too hot or too spicy. This causes pain, and the pet stops eating and drinking.

It is necessary to replace solid food with softer food and monitor the temperature regime of food intake. It is also important to do everything possible to quickly heal the injury. For exact recommendations on this subject, consult a veterinarian.


Bloating can occur as a result of a change in feed, poor feed quality or the presence of a particular infection in the body.

From bloating, a diet review may help. It is necessary to try to identify the cause of the disease and eliminate it. If this does not help, you need to turn to medications aimed at eliminating bloating. A specialist doctor may advise you.


Diarrhea can occur due to malnutrition, as a result of poisoning, the presence of parasites in the body. Sometimes it’s enough just to review the composition of the pet’s feed.

If a chinchilla suffers from this ailment for a long time and a routine diet review does not help, you should contact your veterinarian.

Recovery after illness

If a chinchilla for a long time does not eat, drink and is sluggish, it is not surprising that it will begin to lose weight. Therefore, it is important to monitor the balance and amount of feed. In this state, the chinchilla can easily bring itself to exhaustion, after which it will certainly die. The duty of an attentive host is to prevent such trouble from happening.

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The animal may refuse to eat on its own. This will be caused by stress. You need to feed your pet with a syringe, use various liquid cereals and decoctions as food.

Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet

There are courses of drugs that can help restore liver balance after treatment. They are administered to the pet subcutaneously. Self-prescribing in this case is not worth it, it is better not to touch the medicine without the doctor’s recommendations.


If your beloved pet does not eat and constantly sleeps, this is always a reason to start to worry. This may not even be about chinchillas. Almost all pets therefore became domestic animals, which possess some gluttony and good disposition.

Why Does The Chinchilla Not Eat, Drink And Listless How To Help The Pet

It is the duty of a good breeder to save a pet from an apathetic state. Treatment of chinchillas is quite difficult, however, this is only one of the few peculiar feats that a person must do for a pet. After all, still we are responsible for those who have tamed.

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