Will There Be A Smell From The Chinchilla In The House


Will There Be A Smell From The Chinchilla In The House

Charming and colorful eared horns often attract the attention of beginner breeders. They are larger than other fellow rodents; at home they can live up to 20 years. However, often the stumbling block is the question: do chinchillas smell or not. The fear that a disgusting smell will be present in the apartment all the time, stops from acquiring a cute animal.

Chinchilla odor: yes or no

Experienced breeders and owners, when asked whether chinchillas stink, clearly say: rodents do not emit odors if the conditions of detention and health are normal. Articles describing the virtues of animals often emphasize that one of the pluses is the natural cleanliness of pets.

A specific aroma may appear in the following cases:

  • Ignoring the need for regular cleaning;
  • Incorrectly selected toilet tray or filler;
  • The development of disease.

An uncleaned cage is the source of a very strong smell of urine in the toilet of a rodent, rotten hay, food debris. In this case, it is absorbed into the animal’s hair, which makes it seem like the chinchilla stinks.

Mistakes in the choice of tray and filler lead to a stagnant smell of urine, which is quite difficult to withstand.

Stink with health disorders – a consequence:

  • Intestinal infections and chronic diarrhea – feces smell;
  • Damage to the organs of the urinary system – extremely stinky urine is released;
  • Diseases of the teeth – a putrid odor from the mouth;
  • Complications after childbirth – a pronounced stink comes from a female loop.
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Typical pharmaceutical aromas (similar to vitamin B) arise amid stress or discontent. The reasons:

  • Female failure;
  • Quarrel of growing individuals;
  • The ban on the study of the terrain;
  • Fright.

Odor severity

Excretions from the anal gland are intended for other individuals. They have a sharp unpleasant odor extending to several meters.

The severity of the remaining aromas directly depends on the background. A cell that has not been cleaned for a month will make it difficult to stay at home. Symptoms of diseases associated with excretion of urine and feces can also be recognized when located far from the habitat of the pet.

How to deal with a specific aroma

The first step in changing the atmosphere in the room is to find out the reasons. If it is a matter of cleaning, then more often it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the cage, review the quality of the feed, and purchase special products for better cleaning.

The problem of smell coming from the chinchilla toilet is solved by replacing the tray with a more convenient one.

Experienced owners recommend using small glass baking dishes.

Will There Be A Smell From The Chinchilla In The House

Can use a glass baking dish as a toilet tray

As a filler, you should choose granules made for cats. Such a structure effectively absorbs not only liquid, but also additional odors. If the animal itself stinks, he needs the help of a person in purification: it is likely that, despite the natural cleanliness, the chinchilla smells, because it could not cope on its own.

At the slightest suspicion of the development of diseases it is necessary to visit a veterinarian. The field of cure of the disease will disappear by itself, and the eared rodent will continue to please the owner.

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