You Can Walk With Chinchilla

With the onset of heat and the opening of the summer season, some lovers of chinchillas have thoughts about taking their pet for a walk outside. To "run through the grass." This is not worth doing. Why? There are many reasons for this. Let’s look at the main ones.

You Can Walk With Chinchilla

one. Chinchilla is stressed.

A change of scenery, a new, unfamiliar place – always stress for a chinchilla. Thus, walks in an unfamiliar place will not give the chinchilla any pleasure, but rather scare the animal.

2. Chinchilla can run away.

I think you have seen more than once how quickly chinchillas can move, change their direction dramatically, starting from various objects. It is almost impossible to predict how a chinchilla will behave on a street in an unfamiliar environment. It can freeze, studying the situation, and can run without looking, in search of shelter. It will be difficult to catch a chinchilla, and there are many dangers in the street.

3. Chinchilla can become a cat or dog’s prey.

Chinchilla. rodent, which is regarded by most animals as prey. There are enough cats and dogs on the streets that can harm the animal.

4. Chinchillas are not vaccinated.

Chinchillas are not vaccinated, which means they are susceptible to various diseases that they do not have immunity to, and which they may encounter on the street.

5. Chinchillas. nocturnal animals.

The period of activity in the chinchilla falls at night. And this means that during the day they want to relax, not walk.

6. Chinchilla can be poisoned.

There are many plants on the street that are poisonous to chinchillas. If a chinchilla tries one of them, being in trouble. Yes, and succulent herbs, which are abundant on the street, can provoke diarrhea or bloating in the chinchilla.

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7. Overheating.

Most often in the summer, the weather is hot, which is very poorly tolerated by chinchillas. A walk on the street in such weather can end for the chinchilla with overheating and, as a result, death.

You Can Walk With Chinchilla

You can’t walk with a chinchilla on a leash. The skeleton of a chinchilla is very mobile and, if desired, the animal will easily get out of the harness. And if you do not calculate the strength a little and fix the leash tighter, you can damage the chinchilla and cause serious injury.

The list of negative moments from walking chinchillas on the street can go on and on. But the use of such walks for the animal is not. The place of the chinchilla on a summer day is not on the street, but in a spacious display case, in a sleeping house, in an air-conditioned room.

Take care of your pets!

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